Last year’s NBA champion Dallas Mavericks were such a powerful combination of talent and teamwork. Great talent for sure but not near the talent of the high-flying Miami Heat and yet teamwork trumped talent once again. In the words of Head Coach Rick Carlisle, “This championship was a referendum on team-basketball.”

When I’m evaluating leaders my #1 criteria is simple: can you build and lead effective unified teams?

If the answer is yes then you have the potential to be a really good leader. If you can’t then no matter how good you are at vision-casting, speaking, inspiring, or organizing your chances of long-term success are minimal.

Ron Edmenson tweeted recently, ‘You can’t define leadership apart from relationship.’

So true. We never accomplish alone what we could accomplish together. True significance requires people and impacts people. 

More to come on building effective teams…

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  1. Donna Heydrick says:

    Thanks fir that Word on leadership. It is so true. We, in the Women’s Ministry, are truly learning about teamwork and relationship. Bless the Lord. He is so good.


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