Race in America

In light of George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020 and the subsequent protests and unrest, I began a series of conversations called Race in America. The response has been pretty amazing. Most of it extremely positive and some not so much. All of it has been helpful in giving me perspective on where people are coming from and why.

The series can be found at this link. It includes conversations I’ve had with my black friends and co-workers, a conversation with our local Police Chief and one of the organizers of a Black Live Matter rally in our town. The latest one was with two pastors I know, one white and one black.

Race is an enormous issue in America. It’s been a scar on our history since the beginning, and continues to plague us. But God has a plan for unity in the midst of diversity. He is committed to justice over injustice. He has a way forward for us that is based on a Jesus kind of love that brings people together by building bridges rather than walls of division.
My goal is to deepen relationships and exemplify the values of love, unity, justice, and truth.  In my next post I’ll share some of my thoughts on the issue of race and how we become unifiers rather than dividers. 

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  3. As a white CIS woman, I will never grasp the magnitude of this, though I try to every day xx Calley Beauregard Bela

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