Holy Week or Crazy Week?

What a week! It’s called holy week but to be honest for those of us in churchworld it’s more like crazy week! It’s a lot of fun but also a lot of work, meetings, planning, and preparing. I’m so glad I love my job because at the end of the day, it’s really not about any of the stuff. It’s really about Jesus and his people and I love both of those!

This past Sunday was so incredible. We had 15 people get baptized, heard some incredible testimonies and worship was literally out of this world! And it wasn’t even Easter yet. Can you imagine what the Holy Spirit has planned for us this Sunday?

I’m hoping that all of us can have a great week rather than a crazy week. I think if you’ll remember these 3 things going into this weekend you will…

1. Pray…not just for people to come to know Jesus, although that’s super important. Pray for yourself. That sounds selfish doesn’t it? But pray for yourself to be more like Jesus; more loving, more caring, more compassionate, and more concerned about others than yourself. Then you’ll have his heart and you can really pray for others to know him…with a prayer like that, maybe they’ll even see him better through you.

2. Invite…at Easter people are more open to God than any other time of the year. Even more than Christmas. Invite someone to¬†www.1nighttounite.org 7pm at the Wylie Football Stadium. It’s going to be GREAT! Invite someone to Easter Sunday at New Hope www.newhopechristian.org We’ll be having 3 services (8am, 9:30am, 11:00am) in addition to the podcast. Put it on Facebook and Twitter, like our Facebook page, share the invite with a friend.

3. Celebrate…I hope I never forget the pit that God rescued me from. He took me from the muck and yuck of a life so filled with selfishness, pain, and loneliness. He took all of that and gave me his joy, his freedom, his life. What a great God he is! The more we recognize how much we need him, the more we love and celebrate him. Let’s do that this weekend! Come ready to celebrate the risen Christ!

I think if I do those three things it won’t just be crazy week, it might really be a holy week.

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